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At Infinite Happiness I write essays about finding happiness from within and sharing it with others. It’s an exploration of the two most important things I’ve ever learned:

  1. Happiness is intrinsic to what we are, and we can recognize this.

  2. We can and should share happiness with others.

The essays here will not only explore why I think these two things are true, but what we might do about it. Happiness is our birthright. But it’s going to take a lot of hard and uncomfortable work to not just recognize this for ourselves but share it with others. This blog and newsletter is part of my attempt to help figure out how we might realize our true potential — infinite happiness for infinite beings.

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Why I might have anything interesting or useful to say about happiness:

Infinite Happiness
Both My Parents Died When I Was 22. Now I'm Happier Than Ever.
Listen now (14 min) | I'm not comfortable sharing this story. And you probably won't be comfortable reading it. But this story is important. It serves as an example of what can happen when trauma and suffering is ignored. And conversely, I hope it can serve as proof that true happiness is possible, even in the midst of unimaginable circumstances…
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A bit more on what I mean by infinite happiness:

Infinite Happiness
What Is Happiness?
Listen now (9 min) | One of the most important and surprising things I've learned is that happiness does not depend on your circumstances. This became viscerally clear to me when my parents died, and in the midst of the worst emotional pain of my life, I got a taste of true happiness like I'd never felt before…
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More on my experience with healing trauma and recognizing happiness from within:

Infinite Happiness
How I Healed My Trauma
I used to think trauma was a word reserved for extremely horrific events. My parents died suddenly when I was 22, and still I didn't feel like I'd earned the right to say that I was traumatized. But last year, I attended an online retreat with Dr. Gabor Maté…
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A summary of the most important thing I’ve ever learned:

Infinite Happiness
Understanding Nonduality
The nondual understanding is knowing and feeling that we are: One (not a self that's separate from others and the world) Awareness (consciousness, experiencing, or knowing) Happiness (we lack nothing) Peace (nothing needs to change) Freedom (we're without limits…
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Essays about finding happiness from within and sharing it with others.


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