The Direct Path to Infinite Happiness

July 2022

My Experience with IFS, Nonduality, and MDMA-Assisted Therapy

June 2022

Meditation: I AmAn inquiry into the nature of thinking in relationship to being.
Meditation: Awareness of PerceptionsA gentle call to dissolve the sense that perceptions are separate.
Meditation: What Are You?An exploration of what you fundamentally are.
Meditation: Who Are You?A meditation guiding you back into the nature of your being.

May 2022

Meditation: What Is Awareness?A meditation investigating the nature of awareness.
Introduction to Nondual MeditationA meditation distinguishing between conventional and non-dual meditation.
What Is Happiness?Is happiness really just about getting pleasure and satisfaction while avoiding pain?
Meditation: Are You Aware? A meditation guiding you to be aware of awareness.
Both My Parents Died When I Was 22. Now I'm Happier Than Ever.How the unimaginable led me to finding happiness from within.