May 23 • 3M

Introduction to Nondual Meditation

A meditation distinguishing between conventional and non-dual meditation.

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James Juniper
Essays and meditations on happiness, non-duality, and healing trauma.
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Unlike with conventional meditation, with non-dual meditation there are no states of mind to attain.

With non-dual meditation, you don't need to train, change, or discipline your mind.

Because you don't need to depend on meditative states of mind for peace and happiness.

Peace and happiness is what you already are.

You don't need to do anything to be what you already are.

Just see and feel what's always and already true.

Turn away from the objects in awareness.

Relax back into the context of awareness in which the contents arise.

Then return to the seeming contents to recognize that they're not separate from the context.

Everything arises in awareness, as awareness.

You are one.

Know what you are.

Feel what you are.

Be what you are.

And as you become more familiar with what you truly are, the distinction between meditation and the rest of life will dissolve.

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