Jun 20, 2022 • 5M

Meditation: Awareness of Perceptions

A gentle call to dissolve the sense that perceptions are separate.

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Essays and meditations on happiness, non-duality, and healing trauma.
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Look at something in your perceptual field. Notice that you're now aware of this object.

Was there a delay between perceiving the object and the awareness of that perception? How would you know that there was a delay if you were not aware of the perception upon perceiving it?

Could you perceive this object if you were not aware of perceptions? Is there even such a thing as perception without awareness? If there was, how would you know about it?

Awareness of a perception is not the thought "I am aware of a perception". This is just a thought about awareness. It's awareness that allows you to know that such a thought is true. Awareness is prior to and independent of thinking.

When perceiving the world, see if you can really find anything other than awareness of perceptions. Soften your focus. Let go of effort. Gently and curiously look to see if there is anything other than knowing, experiencing, consciousness, or awareness. And once you know, feel, and perceive that there's nothing to find, just be what you already and always are.