Jun 6, 2022 • 18M

Meditation: Who Are You?

A meditation guiding you back into the nature of your being.

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Essays and meditations on happiness, non-duality, and healing trauma.
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Who are you? Are you a person? With a perspective and name that separates you from others?

Where is this person that you think you are? Can you find this person in your own direct experience? Let's try.

Feel that you're now aware of the sensations of your head.

What can you say about these sensations? Are they static? Or are they dynamic, changing, and vibrating?

The sensations of your head are always changing. See if you can feel that.

Does your sense of self ever change? Does your sense of being who you are fundamentally change?

Your personality changes. Your mind changes. Your body changes. But have you ever not had the sense of being who you are?

Your sense of being has never changed. So how could the changing sensations of your head be who you are?

Feel again that you're now aware of the sensations of your head.

Now feel that you're aware of the sensations of your hands.

Without using thoughts, beliefs, and concepts to answer, what is fundamentally different about these sensations? Go back and forth between the sensations of your hands and your head to see if you can find something that's fundamentally different about them.

If you didn't believe that your self lives somewhere in your head, how would you know that to be true? What in these changing sensations tells you that your self is in your head and not in your hands?

The sensations of your head and hands are always changing. But your sense of self has never changed. What is that? What is your sense of self?

Nothing has been consistent throughout your life's experience aside from experiencing. All that persists is the fact that you know that you're having an experience. The experience changes, but the knowing of it remains.

Who is aware of your experience?

Who are you?

You're awareness, consciousness, knowing, or experiencing.

You're that which is aware of the sensations of your head.

You're that which is aware of the belief that who you are is a person that lives somewhere in your head.

You're that which is aware of the feeling that you're separate from others and the world.

As your understanding of your true self clarifies, you'll see that these sensations, beliefs, and feelings don't just arise in awareness — they're made of awareness. It's all awareness. It's all one.

But for now, just start by answering this simple question — who are you?

See what it would be like to answer this question without using thoughts, words, or concepts.

Who are you?